How to make a WordPress gallery without plugins

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In this tutorial we’ll see how you can create a beautiful gallery with WordPress without having to use an external plugin.

First, let us say how much we love Gutenberg! I mean the new magic tool which comes with WordPress 5.0.

Gutenberg is the new visual builder for creating content in WordPress. It’s tangible how this tool is growing and getting better and better, release after release. We (GreenTreeLabs) believe in this little revolution, that’s why we started to create a new kind of plugins based on Gutenberg.

In this tutorial we’re going to create some really good galleries using the gallery block.

1. Go to your WordPress admin panel and click “New post” (or “New page”)

2. Click the circled plus icon and click “Gallery”.

wordpress how to make gallery

If you can’t see the “Gallery” block you can find it into the Common blocks section:

wordpress gallery block

3. Add the images you want in your gallery. If you already uploaded your images then just click “Media library”, otherwise click “Upload”:

wordpress upload images

4. Choose the images by clicking the ones you need for the gallery:

wordpress how to make gallery 2

5. Click “Create a new gallery”

6. Enter the captions:

wordpress how to make gallery 3

Captions are not mandatory but it’s always a good idea to describe what your users are looking at.

7. Click “Insert gallery”:

wordpress how to make gallery

TA-DAAAA!!! You done it!

As you can see, you can fill missing captions from the gallery block. This block as some options:

wordpress gallery options

Use the Columns slider to change the number of columns.

If you don’t want to crop the images then deactivate the option Crop images but that could alter the pixel-perfect alignment of the images and that wouldn’t be really cool.

We suggest to let the plugin crop the images and then se the Link to option to Media file. You can then install a lightbox plugin (but check if your theme has already one) to show the full image when users click on the thumbnail.

Now your gallery is ready, it’s a brilliant thing, don’t you think? However, we suggest to use Extended Gallery Effects plugin order to make it much better than this.

Extended Gallery Effects can let you add many things to your galleries:

  • Mouse hover effects
  • Customize colors
  • Add many animations
  • Add icons over the images
  • Align captions both vertically and horizontally
  • Choose 600+ available fonts

You can also create different styles and create your own collections.