How to add an icon to the WordPress gallery

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In this demo we’ll see how to add an icon to your native WordPress gallery.

1. Make sure you have Extended Gallery Effects plugin installed and activated.

2. Select the preset you want to use. You can also use the default one so that any new gallery will use the icon:

wordpress gallery effects-presets
WordPress Extended Gallery Effects presets

3. now the funniest part 🙂 Click on the General panel and look fro the icon setting:

WordPress Extended Gallery Effects icons

4. Click the icon you want to add to your WordPress gallery, you will see it in action in the preview image on the right side:

The new icon will be visible on the preview

5. if you want to change the size of the icon you can use the Icon size setting:

6. if you want to change the color click the Captions tab and choose a color from the Color setting. Keep in mind you can use a color for the default state and another color for the hover state.